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Preparing for Sadhana
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Each Sadhana has its own specific rules. There are some basic guidelines to be followed to obtain success in Sadhanas:

Perform Sadhana in a clean, pure place wearing clean, freshly washed attire.
Have full Faith, Trust and Devotion towards Mantra, Yantra Guru and Deity.
Be enthusiastic and alert. Have patience and strong will power.
You should use correct, consecrated and Mantra energised Sadhana articles.
You should perform Self analysis and do self-correction
You should attend Sadhana Camps to gain practical knowledge about Sadhanas
You should perform Sadhana only after taking relevant Diksha from Revered Trimurti Gurudevs.
You should stay in touch with Revered Trimurti Gurudevs and keep discussing various aspects of Sadhana with Them.
You should make "Guru Geeta" and "Nilkhileshwaranand Stavan" an essential part of your daily prayer.
You should eat pure "Satvik" food. You should refrain from eating non vegetarian food, "Taamsik" food like onion, garlic etc. , smoking or drinking. You should not eat in hotels etc.
You should remain celibate during the Sadhna period.
You should finish the entire daily mantra chanting (complete all rounds of rosary) in one sitting without getting up from your seat (asan).
You should sit erect and keep your body still whilest chanting mantras.
You should start Mantra Chanting at the same time daily.
You should sleep on the floor during Sadhana period.
You should refrain from talking and should conserve all your energy during Sadhana period.
You should not sleep during day time.
You should not talk to others about your Sadhana. You should communicate only with Revered Trimurti Gurudevs or Gurudham about Sadhana matters.

Generally, you should perform following rites-

  1. Find out the required direction to sit in for specific Sadhana. Each Sadhana has a specific direction. Then arrange to sit such that you face that particular direction.
  2. 1. Place a small wooden board in front of you. Spread a piece of cloth on it. Each Sadhana will have a specific color. Put the photographs of deity, Yantras, rosary and other Sadhana articles on steel plate(s). Unpack the Sadhana articles, if you have received them in plastic packet, and then place them on steel plate(s). Place these steel plate(s) on the cloth-cover on the wooden board. You should not place the Sadhana articles on bare ground. If you do, then all the benefic energy that you gained by performing the Sadhana will get "earthed" and disappear into the ground. If you do not have steel plate, then you may install the various Sadhana articles on the cloth-cover on the wooden board.
  3. 1. Always take a bath before starting to perform the Sadhana and then wear the specific color robes. Each Sadhana has a specific color of robes to be worn. In some Sadhanas, your are not allowed to wear any stitched clothes. Men should wear the specific colored Dhoti in the traditional Indian style. Wear the underwear on your body, and then wear the Dhoti. Women should wear specific colored clothes. Wearing Saree (sari) is preferable. The process of wearing saree/dhoti are detailed elsewhere in this faq. You should have received a Guru Chadar/Pitambar (cotton shawl inscribed with Guru Mantra). Wrap this shawl on your upper body below the neck like you would wrap a blanket. Wrap the Guru Chadar/Pitambar (shawl) on your upper body. Don't use perfumes, deodorent or powder etc. Only some Sadhanas (eg. Apsara (Divine nymph) Sadhanas) require you to wear specific flower perfume on body. Do NOT wear shoes/slippers etc. You should perform Sadhana barefooted.
  4. Find out the details of Prayer Mat/asana (color, texture,type etc.). Asana or Prayer Mat is basically a seat, a piece of cloth. Most of the Sadhanas are performed by sitting on the ground. However, your body should not touch the bare ground. If it does, then all the benefic energy that you gained by performing the Sadhana will get "earthed" and disappear into the ground. Find out the color and type of asana (cotton/woollen etc.). Spread the asana on ground to sit on it.
  5. Each Sadhana has a specific Yogic-asana (sitting pose/posture/stance) like Padamasan, Sukhasan, Siddhasana etc. Do not confuse this Yogic-Asana with the Asana in above point. A Yogic-asana is a method or Pose/stance of sitting in a specific way. However, as a newcomer in this field, you might not be able to sit in the specific Yogic-asanas or do not know about them. You may sit crosslegged on the asana (on ground) for most of the asanas. You should sit upright with straight back. Some Sadhanas might require to be performed standing up.
  6. Day and Time of starting the Sadhana is very important. You should start the Sadhana at the most auspicious time on the specific day. You may check the auspicious times on our web site here. A time chart for auspicious times is also contained in the magazine. Start the Sadhana on the Best time, and then perform it at the same time everyday. You need to check Time only for the first/starting day of the Sadhana. You should be very punctual about the time.
  7. Now, whilest starting the Sadhana, you should light a deepak (lamp) and incense sticks. Place them on the wooden board between the Sadhana articles and yourself. You will need to light either a ghee (clarified Indian butter) lamp or oil lamp depending on the Sadhana. You should always place the Incense in front (in your left side). You should always place the butter oil (Ghee) lamp in front (in your right side). If you are supposed to light lamp with other oils (eg. mustard oil etc.), you should always place such oil lamp in front (in your left side). You should use a cotton wick to light the lamp.
  8. Again, each Sadhana has specific flowers to use. However you may use Rose flowers for most of the Sadhanas.
  9. You will need a small paste of Chandan (sandalwood powder) for the Sadhana. You should add some water to a very small portion of sandalwood paste in a small plate and keep this paste ready.
  10. You should also keep some unbroken rice grains ready for Sadhana near you. The rice grains should not be broken and it is preferable to mix them with some vermilion powder.
  11. You should also keep some fruits ready. Fruits should be in odd number, either one fruit, or three fruit or five fruits.
  12. You should also keep ready a small saucer (preferable a copper tumbler) containing water. Also have a small spoon (preferably copper spoon) ready.
  13. At this point you should light up the lamp and incense. Please ensure to put enough oil/ghee in the lamp so that it keeps burning for the entire Sadhana procedure.
  14. Then, you should start the Sadhana. First, you should take some water in your right palm, and say thus - "Myself (name) son of (father's name) am performing (Sadhana name) on (date) at (time) at (name of place) to (purpose eg. to get riddance from diseases). May I be successful by the divine grace of revered Gurudev. " Then, let the water flow onto the ground. This is a basic agreement between you and Divine done in the presence of natural element (water) to attain success in Sadhana. You should do this on the first day of Sadhana. There is no need to repeat it after that. This is called Sankalp. There is a detailed article on our web site about Sankalp here.
  15. Now, chant the holy word "OM" three times. You should close your eyes and try to extend the chant for as long time as possible whilest breathing slowly. This is done to activate your inner body.
  16. Then, you should mentally meditate on the Divine form of Revered Gurudev in your mind for a few minutes. You should mentally concentrate that you are calling revered Gurudev to come and guide you to accomplish the Sadhana successfully.
  17. At this point, you need to perform some specific rites like welcoming Gurudev (or the deity) and offering them various articles. Detailed Mantras and procedure for this have been printed in various issues of magazine. One such good article is "Sadhana : The Right Way" which was published in magazine August 2000 issue and is also available on our web site here. A general summary of the main steps in given below.
  18. You should offer some water towards the base of revered Gurudev's photo to wash His feet whilest chanting appropriate Mantra.
  19. Then, you should take some sandalwood paste in the ring finger of right hand, and mark some sandalwood paste on the feet of revered Gurudev whilest chanting appropriate Mantra.. This is done to remove sins, faults, bad luck and tensions from life.
  20. Then, you should offer some unbroken rice (mixed with vermilion) to revered Gurudev on the base of the photograph whilest chanting appropriate Mantra. This is done to get a perfect body, wealth and prosperity.
  21. Then you should mentally meditate that you are offering sweet scented incense made of medicinal herbs to revered Gurudev so that your faults and shortcomings can be destroyed. You should chant appropriate Mantra.
  22. Then, you should mentally meditate whilest chanting appropriate Mantra that you are offering lamp light to revered Gurudev to banish the dark ignorance of knowledge from your heart.
  23. Then, you should offer the fruits to revered Gurudev whilest chanting appropriate Mantra.
  24. Then, you should chant one complete rosary round of the Guru Mantra. The Guru Mantra is
    || Om Param Tatvaay Naaraayannaay Gurubhyo Namah ||

    You should chant the Guru Mantra using the Sfatik rosary. You should purchase it separately. This is a white crystal rosary. Details on holding the rosary and chanting Mantra are given elsewhere in this faq. If, for some reasons, you don't have it, then you may use any other rosary to chant the Guru Mantra. Please inform us by email if you did not receive the Guru Chadar/Pitambar when you applied for Guru Diksha.

    You should keep your eyes open and stare with a fix gaze either at the form of revered Gurudev, or the lamp flame. If you perform Sadhana by closing eyes, then there is a possibility of your falling asleep.

  25. Then you should chant the required rounds of the required Mantra with the required rosary. The actual pronunciation of every Mantra is very, very important. If you are in doubt, then you should phone Jodhpur Gurudham to check the correct pronunciation of the Mantra. It is not possible to check the Mantra pronounciation on email/letter, since finer elements like tone etc. cannot be tested. Audio recordings of some Mantras are available on our website here.
  26. Then, you should again chant one complete rosary of the Guru Mantra. Therefore, you should always chant one complete round of Guru Mantra both before and after the required Mantra. This embedding between Guru Mantra is done to increase the beneficial power of your Mantra. If you are performing "Guru Worship" then you should chant at least 4 rounds of Guru Mantra with Sfatik Rosary.
  27. After this, you should mentally pray to revered Gurudev offering Him the complete Mantra chanting and praying for His blessings for success in Sadhana. You should not get up during the entire Sadhana procedure and remain seated upright and erect with straight back. The oil lamp should be burning continuously during the entire Sadhana procedure.
  28. Then, you should stand up. Put the still lighted ghee/oil lamp on a steel plate. Take this steel plate in your hand and sing the Guru Aarti. An English transliteration of the Aarti is listed on our web site here.
  29. After the Aarti, you should sit down and meditate mentally asking revered Gurudev forgiveness for any mistakes (known and unknown) made during the Sadhana process and seeking His blessings for the success.
  30. Then you should bow down in the Divine feet of revered Gurudev.
  31. You should start the Sadhana at the same time daily for multiple days Sadhana. You should always endeavor to complete the Sadhana for the specified number of days. You will start feeling the beneficial effects of the Sadhana after few days of doing the Sadhana. Please ensure to eat only pure, vegetarian food during the Sadhana days and remain celibate (abstain from sex) during this period. Also try to sleep on floor (not on bed) and speak as less as possible (only when required) during this period. Follow other Sadhana related rules religiously.
  32. After the end of the specified days period, some Sadhanas require you to drop the Sadhana articles in water. This is done to give back to nature what nature gave us i.e. to get the required effects from the Sadhana articles, and then to return them back to natural elements. You should drop the articles in the running water (river, stream etc.). While dropping, meditate on the Divine form of revered Gurudev and concentrate that " I am returning the Sadhana articles back to nature. May I achieve full success in my endeavor." After dropping the Sadhana articles in the water, you may continue to do Mantra chanting daily without using the rosary. You cannot reuse the Sadhana articles after dropping them in water. However, if you feel that you have made some mistakes in performing Sadhanas, and/or have not gotten the complete effects of performing Sadhana, then you may repeat the Sadhana upto a maximum of three times with the same Sadhana articles. In this case, you don't need to drop the Sadhana articles after performing Sadhana first time. You may repeat the Sadhana on any other auspicious day. A list of auspicious days for the month is also listed in the magazine, and is also available on our website. However, after performing Sadhana three times, you should always drop the Sadhana articles in water.

However, if you haven't received success after performing Sadhanas, then you should contact revered Gurudev and get further guidance from Him.

There are thousands of Sadhanas for various materialistic and spiritual purposes. Every problem of this material world can be solved by Mantras. Millions of disciples of revered Gurudev are a proof of this. However, one needs to perform Sadhana according to the correct practice. Please ask whenever you have some doubt and please don't assume.

You should always use properly consecrated and sanctified Sadhana articles to perform the Sadhana.

Every issue of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" magazine contains detailed description of various Sadhanas and prices of specified Sadhana articles. International Prices of some Sadhana articles, books, CDs etc. are listed on our website. You may also contact Jodhpur Gurudham on email/telephone/letter/fax to get the prices.

All kinds of material problems can be solved by performing Sadhanas and taking Dikshas. You may perform Sadhanas yourself to ward off malefic effects of bad planets and to counter the black magic done against you. You should perform Sadhanas yourself after taking Diksha to attain material and spiritual upliftment. Sadhana is the only way to get Divine help to resolve tensions & problems of material life and attaining spiritual elevation.

The chances of success in Sadhanas are increased manifold by taking Diksha as during Diksha, Revered Gurudev transfers a part of His own spiritual penance power into the disciple to steer him towards success. Guru Diksha is the basic foundation for spiritual and material success.

You need to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha. Guru Diksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. When you apply for Guru Diksha, you get a Guru Pitambar(shawl to wear while performing Sadhana) and one year subscription of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" magazine free along with Guru Diksha.

You should also take specific Diksha for this Sadhana to achieve complete success in this Sadhana.

You may either get Diksha from Gurudev personally or the Diksha may be granted on a photograph. The photograph should be a recent one, and can be of any size. However the face should be clearly visible on the photograph.

The Diksha is granted free of cost by Revered Gurudev.However, a token amount is charged for each Diksha which goes towards charitable causes through Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Foundation International Charitable Trust Society.

Each issue of Nikhil Mantra Vigyan magazine contains detailed information on various rare and quickacting Sadhanas. You may click here for subscription information.

You may refer to our Frequently Asked Queries section to clarify general doubts about Sadhanas and Dikshas. You may also send us an email/letter/fax to Jodhpur Gurudham for further guidance. Our email address is nmv@siddhashram.net

Ideally you should meet revered Gurudevs personally to discuss about your problems & plans and obtain guidance. Only revered Gurudevs can advice you about the most relevant Diksha and Sadhana for you depending upon your aptitude and ability. You may meet revered Gurudevs during the Sadhana camps. Owing to busy schedule of Revered Gurudev, it is not possible to meet Gurudev everyday in Jodhpur Gurudham. Every month, some days are reserved and scheduled for meeting in Jodhpur Gurudham. These details are listed in the monthly magazine Nikhil Mantra Vigyan and are also available here. You may meet revered Gurudev on other days also. Please check by telephone about availability before going to the Gurudham. You should attend the Sadhana Camps to perform Sadhanas directly under revered Gurudevs' guidance.

You should contact the Jodhpur Gurudham for getting Sadhna articles/books/CDs etc. by post. Alternatively, you may buy them over the counter from our Delhi/Jodhpur Gurudham or from the counters at the Sadhna Camps.

All the Sadhna articles (Rosaries, Yantras etc.) are consecrated and energised by our pundits during auspicious moments for particular Sadhna. We do "Prana Prathistha" of all the Sadhna articles and make them more energised by performing specific "Cheitanya Puja" on all the articles. So, the chances of success in the Sadhna are increased manifold.

If you live in India, then you may send us a email/letter/fax mentioning your address and details of required items. We will send it by VPP. Alternatively, as VPP rates have increased recently, you may send us a Bank Draft of "Total cost of items" plus Rs. 60 (postage charges), then we will send the items by registered post. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 20-30% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

Sadhaks living in other SAARC countries (Nepal/ Pakistan/ Sri Lanka/ Bangladesh/ Bhutan/ Maldives/ Burma) can get Sadhana articles/books/CDs etc. at the Indian price by sending a bank draft. Please add around 20-30% as Postal charges. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 30-40% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

If you live outside India/other SAARC countries, then you may purchase the Sadhna articles/books/CDs etc. at the International Price by sending a bank draft. The overseas postage & handling charges are included in the International prices.

Please do not enclose cash in letter for payment. It is both risky and illegal

The Bank Draft should be in favour of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" payable at Jodhpur,India and should be sent to Jodhpur Gurudham address.

The Jodhpur Gurudham address is Nikhil Mantra Vigyan, 14A, Main road, Dr. Shrimali Marg, High Court Colony, Jodhpur 342001, Rajasthan, India. The Telephone number is +91-(0291)-2638209/2624081 and telefax number is +91-(0291)-5102540.

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