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Jyeshttha Laxmi Sadhana
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For a wise man Laxmi has great significance because he can make use of the wealth in his possession for the good of all. An arrogant person on the other hand having come into money might well try to show off as a social worker yet actual benefits accruing from his side would be nil.

As far as my own experiences in the social circles go, the gentry, the intellectual class generally puts on airs and pooh-poohs at Sadhanas, whenever the topic might come up in some social gathering. Yet itís a fact that although they criticise Sadhanas and all forms of worship in the open, in their hearts they long to tly them if only to test their efficacy.

They cannot express their feelings openly and hence they fall easy prey to pseudo-gurus and cheap baseless literature. In fact today there is no dearth of literature that is based on Sadhanas, yet whose authenticity is seriously doubtful. And this is only going to increase, so the only way out is that the real, authentic literature be made easily available.

And if the high intellectual groups of the society enthusiastically join this crusade not only shall they themselves benefit, rather they shall also be able to preserve the knowledge for the future generations in a proper, systematic manner.

I do not in the least mean that only the intellectuals are eligible to enter the world of Sadhanas, rather I want such people who could assimilate the knowledge as well as keep its river flowing way into the future to come forward. Moreover history is witness to the fact that even unlettered men with enlightened souls like Kabeer and Raidas have left behind virtual rivers of knowledge.

The efforts to present this pristine knowledge in a simple form continue to this day and we are fortunate to have had a great and nonpareil exponent of ancient Indian sciences, revered Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, to guide us. He has led thousands of Sadhaks into the labyrinthine lanes of the Sadhana world and helped unravel mysteries which had been left unsolved even in the most famous spiritual texts.

In fact books can only explain the step wise procedure of accomplishing a ritual, while in practical life the Sadhak might have to face ten different kinds of problems. Itís at this juncture that one needs a Guru, a guide, a teacher.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the present times revered Gurudev consented to let a very secret and hitherto unrevealed Sadhana appear on these pages. And he has not done this for the first time in his life, for he always believed that Sadhanas are divine gifts and not anyoneís personal heritage. This is a Sadhana very relevant for this age and it pertains to Laxmi- the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

The Goddess Laxmi has numerous forms, each concerned with a different aspect of life. Eishwarya Laxmi can get you luxury, Vasudha Laxmi can make you a landowner, Aayushya Laxmi can be propitiated for long, healthy life. But there is a form of the deity which not just makes the Sadhak wealthy and rich but also helps him in spiritual and mental uplifiment. Jyeshttha Laxmi is the deity in question, and although several texts have been written on Jyeshttha Laxmi, most lack practical aspects of her Sadhana.

But why is this deity and her ritual so important? The reason is that though it is a Tantra Sadhana, even a family man can try it without going into too many strict rules and restrictions.

This ritual must go on lifelong, but if daily recital is not possible one can try a special 5 day ritual with the same effects. If done daily one should chant 3 rounds of the Mantra every day, but if going in for the five day Sadhana one has to chant 51 rounds of the Mantra daily, which shall take not more than 2-3 hrs. every day. And if itís not possible for one to sit continuously for so long one can chant 21 rounds in the morning and 30 rounds at night.

This Sadhana can be started on 3.12.98 or on any auspicious day. Itís best to do the Sadhana after 10 p.m. One needs a mantra-energised Jyeshttha Laxml Yantra and a Kamal Gatta rosary for the ritual.

Get into red clothes and sit down cross-legged on a red worship-mat facing South. Offer vermilion and unbroken rice grains and worship the Yantra placed on a wooden seat again covered with a red cloth. Light a ghee lamp or incense.

Chant the following Mantra -

Ayeim Hreem Shreem Jyeshtthaa Lakshmi Svayambhuve Jyeshtthaayei Namah

Even after the ritual if the Mantra is chanted daily (3 rounds) before the Yantra the effect is said to become a thousand fold. This is not just a presentation of a Sadhana rather it is a cordial invitation to all spiritual aspirants to come forward and try the efficacy of the ritual for themselves.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan October 1998 '56'

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