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Garbhasth Cheitanya Sadhana
Education Begins in the Womb

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Abhimanyu, it is said, learned the most valuable strategy of ancient warfare i.e. piercing the Chakravyuh formation, when still in his motherís womb. Rishi Shukdev gained the precious Supreme Knowledge when still in an embryo state. The Sage Ashtavakra imbibed the exalted knowledge of all four Vedas suspended in the embryonic fluid in his motherís womb. In fact one day when his father, a famous sage, recited a Mantra incorrectly, he bellowed loudly in protest from inside the womb. Much chagrined the father kicked his wife in her belly and as a result the child born had a deformed body.

What do you have to say about these three instances cited from ancient texts? Are these just myths or is it a fact that an unborn child or an embryo is truly receptive to sounds and thoughts present around its mother? Medical evidence proves that after three months and 27 days an embryo starts showing signs of organ functioning and a heart beat can be clearly discerned. This is the time chosen by Yogis to start its subtle education for the period from the fourth month to the eighth is believed to be very crucial for the future development of the child. In this period the receptivity is at its peak and whatever sounds and thoughts it absorbs leave an indelible mark on its mind and memory.

A child tutored in the womb can make astounding progress after it is born and can complete several years of education in a much shorter time span. In fact parents can beforehand select the field they would like their child to pursue and thus they could decide the womb education accordingly. I have tried Garbhasth Cheitanya Sadhana and Diksha several times on dedicated disciples and each time astoundingly sharp-witted children were born.

A famous mathematician who happens to be my disciple wished his unborn child to be a world famous expert of that very field. Hence when his wife was in the family way the couple approached me for initiation into this secret Sadhana. I revealed the Sadhana to them and they devotedly accomplished it. After the ritual for three months the husband daily tutored his wife in mathematics.

At the right time the child was delivered. It was a boy, who by the time he was five had left even his own father amazed by his genius. At a mathematics conference in which some of the most renowned scholars participated the child prodigy captured all attention by his crystal clear elucidation of some of the most tricky problems and concepts. Everyone unequivocally hailed him as a genius, and a television crew from Japan even recorded his achievements for worldwide telecast.

This ritual is one of the best of all Garbbasth Cheitanya Sadhanas for it also combines the divine power of the sun which ensures fame, intelligence, versatility, power and high position in life. The Sadhak first assimilates the radiance of the sun through Surya Sadhana and then directs it to the unborn child for its enlightenment. It can be commenced from twelfth day of the lunar month.

The Sadhak (husband ) must take a bath and wear a white Dhoti. Then he should sit facing the East on a white worship mat. On a wooden plank covered with white cloth he should place a Maartand Yantra

Next he should take water in his right palm and pledge thus.

Asya Soorya Mantrasya Bhrigu Rishih Gaayatri Chhandah Divaakaro Devataa Hreem Beejam Shreem Shaktih Garbhasth Drishya Shravya Phal Siddhaye Jape Viniyogah.

Join the palms and pray thus to the sun.

Raktaambuj Yugmabhaya Daanhastam Keyoorhaaraangav-kundjaadayam.
Maannikyamoulim Din-naathmeedaye Bandhook Bhaanti Vilasam Trinetraa.

Next pick up a Sfatik rosary and chant 51 rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Hreem Tejase Garbhasth Cheitanya Vram Hreem Om ||

Do this regularly fur 49 days. During the Sadhana period observe celibacy and take a fruit-milk diet only. On 50th day offer some sweets made from milk to 11 boys with age ten years or less. After the Sadhana seat the pregnant mother before yourself and looking into her eyes chant 5 rounds of this Mantra. This Mantra recital shall make the embryo more receptive. This effect shall last for 3 hours. Hence whatever information is given to the mother in these 3 hrs. it is promptly imbibed by the child.

This subtle education can go on for three to four months. The mother too should chant one round of the Mantra daily and should remain fully attentive during this process.This Sadhana is one of the best gifts of our Yogis and with its help more intelligent and virtuous children could be brought into this world.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan April 1999 '55'

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