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Beauty: the word sends a thrill through the body and the next moment an image springs in one's mind -- of a comely damsel , a cherubic child or a breathtaking natural vista. Yet beauty signifies a lot more than this. It's not just the outer appearance of a being, rather it is the inner charm that simply captivates one's senses.

However life today is so fast that no one seems to have the time to pause a few moments and enjoy its beauty that is expressed in so many diverse forms. In the mad race for earning more and more, we have lost the subtle contact with Nature and the Soul. No wonder most of us today go about our lives without a smile on the lips , a gleam of joy in the eyes or a look of hope on the face. Just as water stagnates when it is allowed to stand still, our lives have become mirthless, dull and drab caught as we are in the quicksand of base feelings - greed, selfishness, jealousy and hatred.

Not that we no longer care about our looks and appearance, rather the wide assortment of cosmetics available simply boggles the mind. Perfumed soaps, nerve tingling fragrances, and a variety of lotions, creams, shampoos have made toiletry an elaborate affair, yet these modern day means merely polish the outside, without in any way inducing the natural beauty to break to the surface.

Taking recourse to such artificial, plastic means is like papering over one's physical blemishes. This may well make you appear more presentable, yet the satisfaction it shall bring will be no more genuine than the means you have used. Outwardly you might well appear confident, strikingly handsome and on top of the world, yet deep down you shall have a gnawing feeling of emptiness, sadness and utter despair.

True beauty according to the ancient texts boosts sagging spirits, fills the heart with joy, brings a sparkle in the eyes and make the countenance radiate with empyrean bliss. And if cosmetics fail to produce such magic, it without doubt means that the solution lies elsewhere. In fact one does not even have to search outside to discover the eternal fount of youth and beauty. Man's endeavours remain directed outside while the real source lies within-- in one's soul. Nothing, absolutely nothing can surpass the beauty, the enchanting power of the Soul; and without tapping into it one can never really set into action the subtle chemistry that can transform ugliness into handsomeness, tears into smiles, wrinkled skin into unblemished, smooth velvet, and even silver strands into jet-black lustrous hair.

Linking with the Soul means allowing a flood of inner joy, vitality, vigour and peace to wash away all traces of tension, worries, fears and anxieties. And it's then that the heart feels like soaring into the sky, the mind is perfectly calmed and the body too starts to reflect this inner exuberance by appearing more handsome, beautiful and radiant.

Ancient texts are full of instances in which Rishis and Yogis, rendered weak and infirm by the onslaught of old age, regained lost youth and beauty through powerful rituals which worked like divine elixir. Many young but not well-favoured Sadhaks and Sadhikas even gained mesmeric, magnetic personalities through such Sadhanas.

Among all rituals for gaining beauty, handsomeness and youthfulness,the Garima Prayog commands greatest respect as its results are quick in manifesting and long lasting. In fact this Sadhana practice has long remained cloaked by secrecy, having been passed on from one generation to another very discreetly.

The Mantra of this ritual never fails to make an impact on one's mind and Soul. Its proper use in fact catalyses the blossoming of inner peace, divinity and joy which soon start to reflect even in one's physique. Through it a woman can acquire enchanting looks while a man can come to possess a powerful, dynamic personality. Age is no bar for trying out this Sadhana, for till one is alive it is better and more fulfilling to remain brimming over with joy, exuberance and vitality.

Everyone in fact does try to look younger, stronger and handsome, but most rely on outer modes whose effect soon wears out, leaving one looking even more aged and drab. However entering into this Sadhana means tapping into the miraculous power of the Soul that can turn tables on all weaknesses, ailments and physical shortcomings.

The best day for trying this ritual is the eleventh day of the lunar month (Ekadashi). Early morning (4 to 6 am) or late night (after 9 pm) would be the right time to try it. Have a bath and get into fresh clothes. Sit on a white mat facing the East. Place a copper tumbler filled with water before yourself. Immerse a Moti Shankh in it. On a copper plate draw a Swastik with vermilion. On it place a Shringatikaa. Light a Ghee lamp and then chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with a Garima rosary.

|| Om Hreem Garimaa Siddhi Soundarya Pradaaya Namah ||

After this drink some of the water, rub some on your body and pour the rest in the roots of some holy tree (Peepal, Tulsi etc.). Next day drop Shringatikaa and the rosary in a river. For one whole month at night immerse the Moti Shankh in water in the same copper vessel and the next morning drink a bit and bathe with rest of it. Soon you shall be left astounded by the changes occurring in your looks.

'July '99 Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan '65'

Every issue of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" magazine contains detailed description of various Sadhanas and prices of specified Sadhana articles. International Prices of some Sadhana articles, books, CDs etc. are listed on our website. You may also contact Jodhpur Gurudham on email/telephone/letter/fax to get the prices.

All kinds of material problems can be solved by performing Sadhanas and taking Dikshas. You may perform Sadhanas yourself to ward off malefic effects of bad planets and to counter the black magic done against you. You should perform Sadhanas yourself after taking Diksha to attain material and spiritual upliftment. Sadhana is the only way to get Divine help to resolve tensions & problems of material life and attaining spiritual elevation.

The chances of success in Sadhanas are increased manifold by taking Diksha as during Diksha, Revered Gurudev transfers a part of His own spiritual penance power into the disciple to steer him towards success. Guru Diksha is the basic foundation for spiritual and material success.

You need to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha. Guru Diksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. When you apply for Guru Diksha, you get a Guru Pitambar(shawl to wear while performing Sadhana) and one year subscription of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" magazine free along with Guru Diksha.

You should also take specific Diksha for this Sadhana to achieve complete success in this Sadhana.

You may either get Diksha from Gurudev personally or the Diksha may be granted on a photograph. The photograph should be a recent one, and can be of any size. However the face should be clearly visible on the photograph.

The Diksha is granted free of cost by Revered Gurudev.However, a token amount is charged for each Diksha which goes towards charitable causes through Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Foundation International Charitable Trust Society.

Each issue of Nikhil Mantra Vigyan magazine contains detailed information on various rare and quickacting Sadhanas. You may click here for subscription information.

You may refer to our Frequently Asked Queries section to clarify general doubts about Sadhanas and Dikshas. You may also send us an email/letter/fax to Jodhpur Gurudham for further guidance. Our email address is nmv@siddhashram.net

Ideally you should meet revered Gurudevs personally to discuss about your problems & plans and obtain guidance. Only revered Gurudevs can advice you about the most relevant Diksha and Sadhana for you depending upon your aptitude and ability. You may meet revered Gurudevs during the Sadhana camps. Owing to busy schedule of Revered Gurudev, it is not possible to meet Gurudev everyday in Jodhpur Gurudham. Every month, some days are reserved and scheduled for meeting in Jodhpur Gurudham. These details are listed in the monthly magazine Nikhil Mantra Vigyan and are also available here. You may meet revered Gurudev on other days also. Please check by telephone about availability before going to the Gurudham. You should attend the Sadhana Camps to perform Sadhanas directly under revered Gurudevs' guidance.

You should contact the Jodhpur Gurudham for getting Sadhna articles/books/CDs etc. by post. Alternatively, you may buy them over the counter from our Delhi/Jodhpur Gurudham or from the counters at the Sadhna Camps.

All the Sadhna articles (Rosaries, Yantras etc.) are consecrated and energised by our pundits during auspicious moments for particular Sadhna. We do "Prana Prathistha" of all the Sadhna articles and make them more energised by performing specific "Cheitanya Puja" on all the articles. So, the chances of success in the Sadhna are increased manifold.

If you live in India, then you may send us a email/letter/fax mentioning your address and details of required items. We will send it by VPP. Alternatively, as VPP rates have increased recently, you may send us a Bank Draft of "Total cost of items" plus Rs. 60 (postage charges), then we will send the items by registered post. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 20-30% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

Sadhaks living in other SAARC countries (Nepal/ Pakistan/ Sri Lanka/ Bangladesh/ Bhutan/ Maldives/ Burma) can get Sadhana articles/books/CDs etc. at the Indian price by sending a bank draft. Please add around 20-30% as Postal charges. Please note that the Postage Charges for Paarad (mercury) items will be more (around 30-40% of cost) due to exceptionally high weight.

If you live outside India/other SAARC countries, then you may purchase the Sadhna articles/books/CDs etc. at the International Price by sending a bank draft. The overseas postage & handling charges are included in the International prices.

Please do not enclose cash in letter for payment. It is both risky and illegal

The Bank Draft should be in favour of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" payable at Jodhpur,India and should be sent to Jodhpur Gurudham address.

The Jodhpur Gurudham address is Nikhil Mantra Vigyan, 14A, Main road, Dr. Shrimali Marg, High Court Colony, Jodhpur 342001, Rajasthan, India. The Telephone number is +91-(0291)-2638209/2624081 and telefax number is +91-(0291)-5102540.
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