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1.4.2000 to 27.4.2000 or any Friday
VENUS: Planet of fame and success
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The most bright and sparkling celestial body as visible from earth is Venus. No wonder then it signifies beauty , magnetism, fame, music fine arts and all good things in life. Astrological texts specify that a benefic Venus in the natal chart makes one a public figure of great fame and mass appeal.

Generally the Dasa of this planet assures all round success in life and helps one fulfil most of oneís wishes.

In fields like music, acting, arts, fashion, interior designing this planet has the most say. Strong Venus in oneís horoscope can bring amazing level of fame and completely change oneís life. It was Venus which raised an executive in a firm from the lowest echelons to King of fame and glamour and made Amitabh Bachchan a household name. It was again Venus which helped a strapping Jat youth, Dharmender to make a special niche for himself in the cine world and then marry the dream girl Hema Malini.

Revered Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimaliís on the dot predictions made him a much sought after personality in the cine world and many eminent personalities from cinema used to consult him regularly. Incidentally Venus was very strongly placed in Gurudevís Horoscope too. According to him Venus can affect the following aspects of life - health, skill in acting , singing, arts & dance, attractive personality, enthusiasm, beauty, magnetism in voice and face, marriage, love affairs, children, youthfulness, fame, wealth, inventions, virility and motherhood.

If there is anything lacking in any of these in a personís life he or she should go in for Sadhana of Venus. Successful accomplishment of this unique Sadhana could mean amazing level of success in the following areas - advertising/modelling, movies, acting, medicine, Ayurved, business related to toys, cosmetics, beauty parlours, fashion designing, foreign travels, export-import, photography, fine arts, music , hotel business, interior designing, farming, gardening, sports, painting sculpting, proficiency in Paarad Vigyan ( preparing gold), and Apsara Sadhanas.

If you wish for success in any of these fields then it would be in your interests to try this Sadhana. The best period for this is 1.4.2000 to 26.4.2000, when Venus shall be in Pisces - its sign of exaltation. Otherwise one can do the Sadhana on any Friday.

Early morning have a bath and sit on white mat facing the East. On the floor draw the following figure with sandalwood paste. yantra

Spread a white cloth over this. On it place the picture of the Guru. Light a lamp of coconut or sesame oil. Add some sandalwood to the oil. Place a plate over the cloth. On it draw a star with rice grains. On this star place a Shukra Yantra chanting thus.

|| Hreem Himkund Mrinnaalaabham Deityaanaam Paramam Gurum.

Sarva Shaastra Pravaktaaram Bhaargavam Prajamaamyaham.

Om Bhoorbhuvah Swah Shukrah Ihaagachh Ihatishtthah.

Shukraay Namah. ||

Next take a Shukra Aakarshann Mudrikaa in your right fist and chant thus.

|| Om Shvetah Shwetaambardhar Kireeti Cha Chaturbhujah.

Deityaguruh Prashaantashcha Saakshsootra Kamandalu. ||

Place the Mudrika on the Yantra. Then make seven marks of vermilion on the Yantra chanting thus.

|| Om Bhaagyadaay Namah Paadyam Samarpayaami.

Om Shubhdaay Namah Aachamaneeyam Samarpayaami.

Om Deityagurave Namah Snaanam Samarpayaami.

Om Bhogkaraay Namah Gandham Samarpayaami.

Om Shwetaambaraay Namah Dhoopam Deepam Darshayaami.

Om Sarveishwar Pradaay Namah Neivedyam Nivedyaami.

Om Shukraay Namah Aachmaneeyam Samarpayaami. ||

Next with a white Hakeek rosary chant 7 rounds of the following Mantra daily for 13 days.

|| Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraay Namah ||

After 13 days give away white clothes and rice as a gift to someone.

Feb '2000 Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan '55'

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All kinds of material problems can be solved by performing Sadhanas and taking Dikshas. You may perform Sadhanas yourself to ward off malefic effects of bad planets and to counter the black magic done against you. You should perform Sadhanas yourself after taking Diksha to attain material and spiritual upliftment. Sadhana is the only way to get Divine help to resolve tensions & problems of material life and attaining spiritual elevation.

The chances of success in Sadhanas are increased manifold by taking Diksha as during Diksha, Revered Gurudev transfers a part of His own spiritual penance power into the disciple to steer him towards success. Guru Diksha is the basic foundation for spiritual and material success.

You need to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha. Guru Diksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. When you apply for Guru Diksha, you get a Guru Pitambar(shawl to wear while performing Sadhana) and one year subscription of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" magazine free along with Guru Diksha.

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