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Swadhishtthan Chakra Sadhana
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Till the Kundalini is unactivated a human does everything in his life as if in a dream, for there is no awareness, no realisation. Activate your Swadhishtthan Chakra through this unique Sadhana and know the difference.

Amazing and very deep are the experiences hidden in human soul, much more wonderful than those he has in normal life. But to be a witness to them he has to first travel inwards. Just as there exists a universe around us similarly there is an infinite expanse inside the soul. By travelling inwards various divine experiences are unfolded and these constitute the journey of the Kundalini from the Muladhar to the Sahastrar.

The title Kundalini is derived from the word Kund which means a pond and it refers to a source of powerful energy that charges the whole body. Kund means a still source, like water in a pond and till this source of divine energy remains inactivated unflowing a human remains deprived of the deepest experiences of life.

It is in fact only when some wave rises in it that a variety of strange phenomenon occur. This wave, which is a part of the powerful energy, when it rises pierces through other energy centres, the Chakras, and activates them. And the creation of this wave is possible through the medium of Sadhana.

Activation of Kundalini is like teasing a sleeping cobra into action. Have you ever tried to prod a sleeping cobra? No sooner do you do so than the next moment it hisses, raises its hood and becomes ready to attack.

The same happens when Sadhaks try a Kundalini Sadhana, for the dynamic Mantras when chanted properly produce a very powerful resonance which prods the Kundalini Power into activation and no sooner is it enlivened it rises up and rushes upwards activating all the Chakras that lie in its path.

But this energy when activated can sometimes prove harmful. The tremendous energy when unleashed could at times magnify one's negative traits and make one's actions perverted, for as it is said - Absolute power corrupts absolutely!

But this happens only when one does not have a Sadguru, a truly enlightened spiritual master in one's life. If however one has, then he could easily prevent any mishap and lead one on and ultimately introduce one to the real creative powers hidden within.

To achieve this state however one has to try and that too fearlessly. If you are apprehensive of getting drowned you can never learn to swim. You can't even learn without entering the waters. A Guru can only teach you the method, it is then upto you whether you dive in or not. But know it, without diving you can never learn.

You shall have to try Sadhanas. And don't you worry about anything, for the Sadguru guides each step in life and he won't let you drown or any harm come to you. And if you keep trying then one day suddenly you shall know that you have learnt to swim. A feeling of elation shall then fill you.

After Sadhana very suddenly one day a Chakra would be activated and some divine experience shall let you know it. You shall then be a witness to all that you have only read about till now. But to reach that stage you shall have to run, run with all your might, with full faith and conviction that you shall win. If you don't, you shall not get anywhere.

Sadhana is the best way for Kundalini activation

Each Chakra of the Kundalini has several petals which signify different powers and as each petal gets activated some new divine power is attained by the Sadhak. But one needs to be very patient in this process, for results are never instant. If one concludes a Sadhana today then one petal may get activated after four months, another after eight months and the whole Chakra after two years. There is no fixed duration and every Sadhak has a different rate of success depending on his sincerity and devotion. But one should not worry about results and complete the Sadhanas of all the Chakras with full devotion and leave it to the Guru to take care of the results.

Also the best method of activation is Sadhana. There are other tough ways like Hatth Yog but for the common man Sadhana is most easy and safe, for it involves no risk specially after one has had Diksha from a Sadguru.

Experiences in this process

The Kundalini stores numerous experiences of the present life as well as the past ones. As the Chakras are activated one after the other, the Sadhak becomes more and more sensitive and he starts to link himself with experiences of past lives. He has been through all stages of evolution and he starts to vividly remember his existence as a bird, an animal, a tree. An ordinary human being cannot understand how a tree feels when a fruit is plucked off it, or when a bird nests in its branches or when a cow rubs itself on its trunk.

A normal human shall never ponder over such feelings, but one whose Kundalini is activated can easily relate to the feelings of the tree, for he himself has been a tree in some life and that experience is there stored in his Kundalini.

A beautiful incident in the life of Ramakrishna Paramhans highlights this. One day lost in divine thoughts, he sat in a garden enjoying the greenery of fresh grass around. Pearl like drops of dew clung to the grass blades and it felt wonderful to just look at them continuously. Suddenly a cow walked in and started to trample the tender grass with its hooves. Next moment Ramakrishna started to groan with pain.

His disciples rushed to him to find to their horror that bruises covered his whole body as if his skin had been trampled upon by a cow. When asked he said that he had identified his consciousness so intensely with that of the grass around that when the cow started to crush it with its hooves the pain got transferred to his body instead, which made him groan out in agony. Such can be the experiences when one's Kundalini is activated!

The Swadhishtthan Chakra

In the last issue (March 2000 issue) the Sadhana related to the first Chakra of Kundalini, Muladhar appeared. The next Sadhana is for enlivening the next Chakra, Swadhishtthan. This subtle centre is located right behind the sex organs.

The energy concentrated here is also known as Satva, which takes form of semen in men and ovum in women and naturally flows towards the respective sex organs, and helps in procreation. But if this very Satva is instead made to rise upwards then a new creation takes place within, in the form, of birth of divine powers and capabilities.

The element related to this Chakra is water, while that related to the Muladhar is earth. And everyone knows that molecules of water have a higher rate of vibration than that of earth. Hence greater powers lie hidden in Swadhishtthan.

Gains After Activation

When this Chakra gets activated there is a sudden explosion of sexual urge and to control this the Yogic breathing exercise, Prannayam, is employed. Although this Chakra is related to lower animal passions, yet through abstinence the sex energy could be controlled and given an upwards boost through chanting of the Swadhishtthan Mantra.

On activation of this Chakra the personality of the Sadhak becomes magnetic and attractive. He might keep to himself and not interact with others, yet other people remain eager to be in his company and talk to him. His voice also gains a mesmerising touch and others feel compelled to bow to his arguments.

When Swadhishtthan gets fully activated, the Sadhak gains full command over the water element and he also becomes capable of walking on water.

Form of Swadhishtthan

This Chakra looks like a lotus with six petals whose Beej Mantras are Bam, Bham, Mam, Yam, Ram, and Lam. Its colour is vermilion. In the centre of this lotus is a half moon shaped pond of pure water in which is an aligator bearing on its back the Baaj Mantra Vam relating to the water element. The diety for this element is Varunn.

On the dot over the Mantra sits Lord Vishnu and on his side the Goddess related to this Chakra - Raakinni. The text Shatchakra Niroopann states that Raakinni, who has a dark complexion, sits on a blue lotus bedecked with rich ornaments and with both her hands raised.

Powers of this Chakra

Each of the six petals is related to some powers which comes to the fore on activation of that particular petal.
Bam This is the first Beej Mantra and through the activation of the petal related to it, a Sadhak is able to fully enjoy his married life. Impotence or sexual debility of any kind gets cured.
Bham Activation of this petal makes one capable of begetting a child who has the virtues of one's choice. Normally one has no choice and one has to give birth to the soul that has found its way into the womb, be it evil or good. But here not only can one invite a good soul, rather one could even choose the sex of the child.
Mam On activation of the third petal a Sadhak becomes fearless and courageous. He then faces all problems of life with determination. There is a spurt of inner energy and then it matters not how strong he is physically.
Yam The activation of this petal leads to rise of power of Brahmacharya or celibacy. Celibacy does not mean total abstinence from sex, rather it signifies perfect control over feelings and a balanced sex life.
Ram Here the sexual energy gets transformed into the pure form, Satva, and this makes the body of the Sadhak radiate with a unique glow and fills it with an irresistible magnetism.
Lam One gains the confidence and capability to bring to successful conclusion any task in this world with great finesse and skill.

In short on activation of this Chakra one gains much in one's material life and many of one's worldly wishes get fulfilled.

Sadhana for Activation

After completing the Muladhar Chakra Sadhana (described in March 2000 issue), the breathing exercise Bhasrika is done regularly so that the Kundalini rises further and reaches the Swadhishtthan. Along with this the following Sadhana is done.

Start this Sadhana any day any time from 4 am to 6 am. Before yourself spread a white cloth and on it draw the following figure with rice grains dyed purple. Write the Beej Mantras with vermilion as shown in the figure. Write the Beej Mantras with vermilion as shown in the figure. In the centre of the figure make a mound of rice grains. On it with vermilion write the Beej Mantra as shown in the figure.


On this place the Swadhishtthan Chakra Jagran Yantra. Place the picture of the Guru on its right hand side and worship it chanting one round of the Guru Mantra. After this offer rice grains coloured with vermilion on the Yantra whilest chanting the following Mantras-

Om Sachidaanandaay Namah

Om Nikhileshwaraanandaay Namah

Om Shivaanandaay Namah

Om Sadaashivaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Eeshwaraanand Naathaay Namah

Om Rudra-devaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Vishnnudevaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Unmanaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Samanaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Vyaapakaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Shaktyaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Dhvanyaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Swaadhishtthaanaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Vidwaanand Naathaay Namah

Om Dwandaanand Naathaay Namah

Thereafter with a Prann Sanjeevit Kundalini Jagran Rosary (the same used in Muladhar Chakra Sadhana) chant five rounds of the following Mantra.

|| Om Vam Vam Swaadhishtthaanam Jaagray Jaagray Vam Vam Om Phat ||

Do this regularly for 18 days. After completion of Sadhana place the Yantra under the picture of the Guru.

One should do this Sadhana only after the Sadhana related to Muladhar (described in March 2000 issue) has been done. If Sadhana related to each Chakra is done in the proper sequence in consecutive months then the entire Kundalini Sadhana can be completed in seven months. In each Sadhana for every Chakra a new Yantra is used while the rosary remains the same.

Meditation for Swadhishtthan

After the Sadhana for Swadhishtthan has been completed a special meditation technique is used for quick activation of the Chakra. In it one sits peacefully and concentrates one's mind on this Chakra present behind the sex organs. One tries to project an image of a six petalled vermilion lotus at the spot.

Then one contemplates that the Kundalini energy is jumping from one petal to another till one visualises a continuous circle of light revolving real fast in the clock wise direction. At this point one projects one's own image in the centre of the circle. Daily one should meditate thus for ten to fifteen minutes in order to quicken the process of activation.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan April 2000 '55'

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