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Ayurved - health benefits

Financial success


Power of hypnotism

Gain wealth thus

Today I am over seventy and when I was merely 11 years old I had taken Sanyaas Diksha and adopted an ascetic way of life. Most of my years after that have been spent in the Himalayas in the company of great Yogis and in acquiring spiritual knowledge.

When Poojya Sadgurudev gave me Diksha he had said - You have to carry out research in the rare and best Sadhana articles available in India. You have to find out what Sadhanas can be mastered through them, which Sadhana process is most effective and how much benefit can be derived from the same. The sole aim of your life should be to gain authentic knowledge regarding these articles. You have to devote your entire life to this work..

It has been the chief goal of my life to obey the Guru. And hence after having had Guru Diksha, I devoted myself to carry out Sadhana experiments on these articles. And I have had surprising results and experiences.

I have gained rare knowledge regarding divine Sadhana articles like Siyaar Singhi, Hathaa Jodi, Ekaakshi Naariyal, Shwetaark Ganpati. I have studied all texts and books which contain any information regarding these articles. I collected several Sadhanas in which these articles are used and tried them to test for their efficacy.

The ancient text Brahmaveivart Puraann contains deep knowledge related to the different forms of Goddess Lakshmi. In it is described that Soubhaagya Lakshmi, who brings good luck, is present in Moti Shankh. In other words if have a Moti Shankh at home the Goddess shall ever bless you with fortune.

The Jain Tantra describes Padamavati Sadhana in great detail. In this sect Lakshmi is worshipped in the form of Padamavati and Moti Shankh forms an important part of many Padamavati Sadhanas.

Dakshinnaavarti Shankh ( a conch shell that has its opening on the other side than normal) is a very important Sadhana article in India. But a Moti Shankh (a conch shell that shines like a pearl) is even more important because it is rare and difficult to find. It has the lustre of a pearl and is generally round in shape, although the size might differ.

This rare Shankh is available in all big and small sizes. It is a unique gift of nature which is so easily available to all human beings.

I have tried several successful Sadhanas on a Dakshinnaavarti Shankh and through my years of experience I can say that Sadhanas of Moti Shankh are very easy and bring success very fast even to the common man.

It will take a huge text to list all the benefits that can be had from this shell . But the most wonderful thing about it is that it hides in it the powers of Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth and riches. Every family should have this shell at home, for one might any time chance upon some powerful ritual regarding this divine object and shell might just not be available when you need it.

I am presenting here some very quick acting Sadhanas related to this shell. I hope the common man would be able to benefit a lot from them.

Ayurved - health benefits

This shell has great significance in Ayurved. If water is stored in the shell it gains amazing medicinal properties and with it several physical defects can be cured.

1. Store some water overnight in this shell and the next morning rub the water on your skin. This cures all skin problems.

2. Store water in the shell for 12 hours. Then rub it on white spots on the skin. Do this regularly. After some days the white spots shall disappear and healthy skin shall reappear.

3. At night fill the shell with water and in the morning add some rose water to it. Then wash your hair with the mixture. This shall keep the hair black and healthy. The hair of the eyebrows and the beard too could be turned black thus.

4. If you suffer from stomach related problems or if there is a wound in the intestines, then early in the morning drink a spoonful of water kept in the shell for 12 hours. This shall cure the problem.

5. Mix water kept in the shell for 12 hours in ordinary water and early in the morning wash your eyes with it. Doing this regularly for some time shall cure all eye related problems. The eyes become perfectly healthy and one need not even wear spectacles in the future.

Financial success

This shell is said to represent Goddess Lakshmi. Hence keeping this shell at home in one's place of worship helps one gain the blessing of the Goddess.

1. Early in the morning take some water in the shell and pour it into a bucket of water. Bathe with this water. This shall bring you good luck and fame.

2. Placing this shell at home or in one's shop or place of work is a sure way to remove all financial problems and become rich and prosperous. This shankh banishes poverty and boosts one's profits in business.


1. If after a bath in the morning the shell is rubbed gently on the skin of one's face wrinkles slowly disappear and the face gains a new glow by regular use of this process.

2. Those who wish to remain ever beautiful and have a unique radiance reflecting from their features should surely try this process.

3.If the shell is rubbed gently on the whole body the body starts to appear healthy, handsome and radiant.

4. If you have dark circles under your eyes which are marring your facial beauty, rub the shell gently on those spots early in the morning. This is a sure way of making the spots disappear.

Some powerful Sadhanas

Several Sadhanas can be performed on a Moti Shankh but in my view the most powerful Sadhanas of Moti Shankh relate to gain of wealth and hypnotism. Presented here are two most amazing rituals.

Power of hypnotism

If there is a discord in family or differences among family members, or if you wish to control some person or if you want to control your foes then this is the ritual for you. But remember to try it for a good cause or it won't work.

Start this Sadhana from a Sunday. Early in the morning have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Place before yourself a Moti Shankh. Offer vermilion on it. Light a ghee lamp and with a Vidyut rosary chant one round of the following Mantra. Do this regularly for 30 days. It shall take hardly ten to fifteen minutes daily and you shall surely attain success provided you have full faith.

|| Om Kreem Amuk Me Vashmaanay Swaahaa ||

This Mantra has great power packed in it. The right way to chant it is to first place the shell before oneself. Then drop a rice grain each time you chant the Mantra. Take care that the grains are whole. Thus the Mantra is to be chanted 108 times and as many rice grains are to be dropped into the shell.

In place of Amuk in the Mantra chant the name of the person you wish to control. When the chanting is over place the shell in a safe place. Don't let the rice grains fall out.

Repeat the next day and do this regularly for 30 days. After 30 days are over, tie the rice grains in a white cloth and place the bundle in a cupboard or any safe place. This shall surely bring the desired person under your control.

When you wish to free the person of your influence just untie the bundle and throw the rice grains in a river or pond.

Without doubt this ritual is amazing and I have tested its efficacy many times.

Gain wealth thus

This shell can also be helpful for financial gains, progress in business, riddance from debts and sudden monetary gains.

A person wishing for wealth and riches in life should surely try this Sadhana.

Early in the morning on a Wednesday have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Place the shell before yourself and draw on it a Swastik with vermilion. Thereafter taken water in the hollow of your right palm and chant thus.

||Om Asya Shree Mahaalakshmee Mantrasya Vishwaamitra Risih Gaayatree Chhandah Mahaalakshmee Devataa Shreem Beejam Hreem Shaktih Daaridray Dahanaay Nimittam Dhanya Dhaanyaadi Smriddhim Praaptaye Jape Viniyogah||

Thereafter meditate chanting thus.

||Udhyanmaartand Kaanti Vigalit Kaavari Krishnna Vastraavritaangi.

Dandam Lingam Karaabjeirvarmath Bhuvanam Sandhadhateem Trinetraam.

Naanaa Ratneivimbhaateem Smit Mukh Kamalaam Sevitaam Dev Sarvei Maayaa Raagyeem Namo Bhoot Sa Ravi Kal Tanumaashraye Eeshwareem Tvaam.||

Then chant one round of the following Mantra with Kamalgatta rosary.

||Om Shreem Hreem Daaridray Vinaashinye Dhan Dhaanya Smriddhi Dehi Dehi Namah||

As you chant a Mantra drop a rice grain into the shell. But take care that the rice is not broken.

Let the rice remain in the shell itself and continue adding more rice grains daily.

After 30 days tie the shell containing the rice grains in a white cloth. Place this bundle at home, in your factory, shop, or, place of work. Till this bundle remains there you shall make quick financial progress. Through this powerful ritual one can even get rid of debts and become rich and prosperous in life.

This shell can also be worshipped on Diwali so as to gain the blessings of the Goddess Lakshmi.

This shell is very rare and important Sadhana article and very fortunate are those who get a chance to place it in their homes. But such a shell can produce the above mentioned results only if it is Mantra energised.

This shell can be a boon to a Yogi as well as a common man. Sometimes in the future I shall reveal some more amazing facts related to this wonderful Sadhana article.

About the author

Swami Girijanand is a highly accomplished Yogi of the Himalayas. He ever keeps wondering from one place to another. He has always believed in testing the knowledge that he has gained in life and has given it his mark of approval only after having experienced that it is authentic. The readers of the magazine are very lucky indeed to gain precious pearls of knowledge from a great Yogi like Swami Girijanand. He has promised to share his knowledge with us in the future too and we shall be delighted to present it to you through the medium of this magazine.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan May 2000 '29'

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