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Diksha for affliction of MARS
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Mangal Dosh Vinaashe Tu Varam Kanyaam Cha Yojayet.

One should marry only after affliction of Mars has been neutralised.

What is Mangal Dosh in astrology? As is commonly known it means the planet Mars being posited in the ascendant, fourth, seventh, eighth or the twelfth in the natal chart. Such an individual has to face problems in marriage and family life especially if Mats is not similarly posited in the natal chart of one's spouse. This can in fact lead to untimely death of the life partner. The text Muhurat Sangrah writes about this planetary affliction -

Lagne Vyaye Cha Paataale Jaamitre Chaashtame Kuje Kanyaa Bhartu-rvinaashaay Bhartu-Kanyaam Vinaashayet.

Similarly if evil planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Sun are posited in these houses they tend to produce same effect as Mangal Dosh.

Lagnaadi Dhorvaa Yadi Janma Kaale Mahisuto Vaashati Raahu Ketavah Vyathaashtturye Prathame Kalatre Kanyaa Varam Hanti Varashcha Kanyaam.

Mangal Dosh is a very evil planetary affliction and it can destroy the married life of both partners. One should carefully study the horoscopes and find out if this affliction is there or not. The ancient texts caution against the marriage of an individual with this affliction with a person not thus afflicted. A bride with similar affliction must be sought for a groom having this affliction.

But are such arrangements possible today? Or does it mean that if a Mars afflicted boy or girl does not get the right match he or she would have to remain unmarried?

In the ancient times all horoscopes were deeply studied and all people had their natal charts prepared. But now things have changed. It is not even necessary for the astrological analysis to be perfectly accurate. Besides being an expert in this science one also needs to know the exact time of birth which might not be possible.

If a boy or a girl has Mars thus posited in the natal chart there are bound to be problems in marriage and there might be many hurdles in getting the right life partner. If a person with Mars affliction is married to an individual without this affliction the married life is not happy. What more there is always a chance of premature death of the life partner.

What actually is this Mars affliction? Actually it is a result of past Karmas. Karmas can be both good and bad and so would be their effect. Bad effects can destroy life and they tend to bring about strange events in life due to which one is born in particular circumstances and is forced to lead a painful existence.

Today most of the people are following a westernised style of living and are steadily distancing themselves from the rich Indian tradition and knowledge. Due to this they are becoming deprived of the ancient sciences like astrology. As a result their life is becoming full of problems. What more they don't get proper guidance and thus they are not able to know about the true essence of human life.

Most people today do not even get horoscopes prepared or if they do they do not give much weightage to them. Today instead of matching horoscopes people prefer that the boy and girl should just like each other. Mutual liking is today the basis of marriages and most remain blissfully ignorant of what is in store for them in the future.

Our Rishis and Yogis have laid down certain rules and principles using which one can not just know about future events rather one can even find solutions to problems that are likely to crop up in the future.

Medical science after much research has declared that blood has Rh factor which can both be positive as well as negative. If a husband has Rh factor positive and the wife has Rh factor negative then there is problem in begetting children and even if the wife gets pregnant there is danger to her life.

In simple words if one of the married partners has positive Rh factor and the other has negative Rh factor then their married life cannot be happy. Hence Rh factor must be checked before marriage and those with different Rh factors must not marry each other. This Rh factor difference is also represented by Mangal Dosh, for in astrology Mars rules blood.

Effect of Diksha

Diksha means being capable, total and strong. Diksha is a boon from the Guru to the disciple which is obtained through the medium of Shaktipaat or transfer of divine power and through it one can surely achieve success in the task that one has in mind while getting Diksha. Diksha in fact is the quickest way to success in life.

Diksha is the key to success and is a divine boon. Only a really powerful Guru has the capability to give Diksha. And through it one can attain success in all spheres of life.

Mangal Dosh is very destructive in nature and it threatens the very existence of an individual thus rendering all his ambitions and wishes futile. If life itself is threatened then all one's wealth becomes useless. Neutralising the effect of this affliction through this Diksha is in a way rebirth of the disciple. Through this powerful medium all effects of this affliction, be they internal or external, can be neutralised.

But the affliction can disappear in a moment or it might take a long time to do so. The Diksha can also be obtained in seven stages and thus the problem can be throughly rooted out.

An astrologer can do nothing more than warn about this affliction. And this warning must surely be taken seriously for the whole life of the individual can be destroyed. Mangal Dosh not just delays marriage, it can even deny marriage if the affliction is very powerful. And even if the individual does get married the life partner dies soon after. Mangal Dosh can reduce life to a series of misfortunes and a burden. Social stigma especially in case of girls that comes after death of the married partner can make one feel like giving up life.

In such a situation Mangal Dosh Nivaran Diksha or Diksha for neutralising the effects of Mars can prove to be a boon for such an individual. It is of utmost importance in life to look for a Guru who can give this Diksha and free one of the danger of accidents or sorrows that might occur as a result of this affliction.

Mangal Dosh Nivaran Diksha is a wonderful way of obliterating the lines of misfortune on one's forehead. Through it a person can even improve one's married life. All one's past sins and their effects can also be neutralised by this Diksha. As a result one does not have to suffer the travails of an unhappy married life which accrue due to Mars affliction in the horoscope.

Who should go in for this Diksha?

1. One who has Mars posited in the first, fourth, seventh, eight or twelfth houses of the natal chart.

2. Those who have Saturn, Rahu, Ketu or Sun in the first, fourth, seventh, eight or twelfth house of the horoscope.

3. One who wishes for a good fortune and happiness in life.

4. Whose marriage is getting delayed or there is a problem in getting the right match.

5. Those parents who are worried about the future of their children or the marriage of their children.

6. If one does not have a horoscope or one does not remember one's time of birth then one should take this Diksha before marriage.

7. Married partners whose Rh factors differ should also get this Diksha.

In India it is believed that a husband and a wife are one entity and are not separate individuals. In such a situation if one of the married couple dies life can become really painful. To avoid such mishaps this Diksha comes as a boon and it ensures a happy married life.

Every married woman wishes to die before her husband and even the blessing given to a married woman in India is Soubhaagyawati Bhavah i.e. May you always be fortunate or may your husband live long.

A husband also wishes his wife to be healthy and long lived so that together they can enjoy a happy married life.

And this is actually possible if the couple are blessed by a Sadguru who can give them Diksha and guide them in life.

Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali is the greatest astrologer and expert of Mantra and Tantra in the present age. He has blessed millions of individuals with powerful Dikshas which have never failed. It would be the greatest fortune of one's life to sit in His feet and get the above mentioned Diksha from Him.

Just try once and see the result for yourself and without doubt after having had Diksha you would wonder why you did not approach Him earlier.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan August 2000 '46'

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