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Trilochan Aakarshann Prayog
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Do you lack self confidence ?

Are you not able to fulfil your wishes ?

Is your spouse attracted by some other individual ?

Do you find it hard to impress others ?

Find solutions to these problems in the following Sadhana.

Fresh leaves of dew gleamed like pearls on the leaves of the trees, a thin mist hung in the air and a cool breeze made one feel spirited and lively.

Suddenly a dazzling radiance caught the attention and careful observation revealed a Sadhu seated on a boulder deep in meditation. He sat absolutely still with only his lips moving in inaudible prayer as he chanted some Mantras.

A divine aura played around his holy form and he looked really attractive and captivating. Just a glance at him was enough to make one become lost in a deep spiritual feeling. He was divinely handsome and attractive and one felt drawn towards him.

He was a great Yogi - Swami Shreyanand who had successfully accomplished rare Tantra Sadhanas. It was due to the power of those Sadhanas that he looked so divine and unique.

A rare Sadhana derived from him is being revealed here which is simply remarkable and unfailing especially if tried with faith and concentration. By mastering this Sadhana a Sadhak can instil a divine radiance in his body.

He had revealed that Trilochana is a Goddess whose complexion is like that of the rising sun. The complexion is red like vermilion and she possesses heavenly beauty. If her grace is obtained she makes the Sadhak look so beautiful and charming that anyone who sees him or her is left mesmerised.

Who would not wish to accomplish such a Sadhana? Who would not wish to possess a divine radiance on one's face? Who would not wish to look attractive enough to enchant everyone around? Attractiveness means that others should be automatically pulled towards you, they must feel like talking to you, they must feel like touching you and getting closer to you.

Everyone wishes to be so attractive, beautiful and captivating. Not just humans even Apsaras and the gods want to look mesmerising and they keep endeavouring in this direction.

Trilochana is a goddess who once pleased with the devotion of the Sadhak bestows upon him an attractive personality which no one can resist.

Trilochana Aakarshann Sadhana is a Tantra ritual which finds mention in the Tripura Tantra and Bhoot Daamar texts. It is an important and rare Sadhana by accomplishing which successfully one regains lost youth and beauty.

On accomplishment of this ritual a person gains the following.

1. If one's spouse is attracted by someone else then through this ritual his or her love can be regained.

2. Through this Sadhana lost health can be gained.

3. A weak and old person can regain youth.

4. One can hypnotise any person with this Sadhana.

5. One can become beautiful, strong and gain a radiant personality through this Sadhana.

6. One can free oneself of all frustrations and complexes through this Sadhana.

7. One can give a boost to one's self confidence.

8. If a person wishes to win the heart of a person of opposite sex with a view to marry him or her it can be done through this Sadhana.

9. After accomplishment of this ritual a Sadhak can make anyone comply to one's wishes.

10. By accomplishing it one can gain success in any task.

11. After successful accomplishment of this Sadhana a divine radiance appears around one's physique.

12. It is a rare and remarkable Sadhana and its result is soon experienced by the Sadhak if he tries it with faith.

It is a wonderful Sadhana for enchanting others. When even divine beings like Rambha and Urvashi can be made to succumb to the enchanting powers of this Sadhana then what to say of human beings.

It is the best Sadhana and amazing too. Every Sadhak should surely try it. If a woman tries it then she can gain youth, beauty and attraction that are unique.

She becomes so mesmerising as a result of the ritual that any man who looks at her cannot hold himself back from talking to her or staring at her. And id she even glances at him for a moment, he is left totally captivated.

Any person whether a man or woman can try this Sadhana. It is a unique and amazing ritual with simply miraculous powers. It can be tried on any Friday or Sunday.

Sadhana Procedure

Get up in Brahm Muhurat (4 am to 6 am) and have a bath. Alternatively this Sadhana can be tried at midnight. Wear white clothes and sit on a white woollen or cotton mat facing North. Sit with the legs crossed.

Before yourself place the Trilochana Aakarshann Yantra and Sammohan Gutika on a wooden seat covered with white cloth. After this offer prayers to the Guru and pray to Him for success. Offer vermilion, flowers, sweets and rice grains on the Yantra and Gutika and light a ghee lamp and incense.

Then take a deep breath and speak out

for as long as your breath lasts. Do this three times. Chant one round of the Guru Mantra. Then with a Trilochana rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.
Om Hoom Ayeim Aakarshann Vashikarannaay Phat.

After the Mantra chanting sing Guru Aarti and distribute the sweets among family members. Avoid useless talking during the day.

After the Sadhana drop the Yantra, Gutika and rosary in a river or pond. Do this the next day.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan December 2000 '40'

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