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Chhinmasta Sadhana
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Chhinaastpati Tat Shatrum : Chinnmasta destroys all oneís enemies.

This is the most powerful of the ten Mahavidya Sadhanas which every high level Sadhak tries to accomplish. It is a very powerful Sadhana which presents a completely new aspect of the world of Sadhanas.

Early in the morning I was engaged in my daily worship when I heard someone crying. As I listened carefully I realised it was my younger sister Soumya. I quickly completed the daily ritual and emerged from my worship room. As soon as I came out she rushed forward and embraced me. The next moment she started to sob loudly.

"Brother, save me! He shall destroy my family," she cried out.

I tried to console her and asked her to calm down first before she told me everything. I asked my wife to take her and refresh her with a wash and a cup of tea.

After some time she returned much calmed. I then asked her to tell me everything. She came and sat down by my side. As I looked closely at her I realised that her face looked like a wilted flower. Only last year she had been married to Nitesh. He came from a respectable family and was a lecturer in a college. He was a very wise and gentle person. Soumya had been very happy to get such a life partner. And now suddenly she looked so perturbed.

She started to speak and said " Nitesh is very good person. He takes such good care of me. But for the past one month he does not even talk to me. I tried to ask him the reason but he gives no reply. I tried to take even better care of his needs but his attitude remained the same. Then I came to know that he loved a woman living in our neighbourhood. The woman often comes to our home. Many times she took Nitesh along with her forcibly. Nitesh seems to follow her around as if he has no other tie in this world.

I said - What else do you know about her? Go back and bring details about her.

Soumya returned a few days later and said to me - Her age is around thirty five. She is not married. She worships Goddess Durga. She does not eat anything during the days of Navratri and spends her whole time in her Sadhana room.

From her explanation I instantly knew that the woman had used some powerful hypnotic ritual on Nitesh. I took a photograph of Nitesh from Soumya and reached Jodhpur to meet revered Sadgurudev a week later. As soon as revered Sadgurudev saw the picture he revealed all events as if he was seeing them on a cinema screen. He said that a powerful hypnotic ritual had been used on Nitesh. As a result he was completely under the control of the woman and could even divorce my sister. It came as a shock to me because I like Soumya very much. I prayed to Sadgurudev to help her and avoid the mishap at all costs. Revered Sadgurudev said - You have tried so many Sadhanas. Why donít you do something for her?

I said - My mind is not working. I do not know what to do. Please suggest something!

And Sadgurudev suggested that I try the most powerful Sadhana of the ten Mahavidyas i.e. Chhinmasta Sadhana. I had tried the Sadhana earlier too on the orders of Sadgurudev. But this time he revealed to me a Sadhana which was very quick acting and really powerful.

On returning home I started the Sadhana with full devotion. Only three days had gone by when Soumya came home one day and said - She came to our house. She has threatened me to warn you to stop the Sadhana or she shall destroy us. Please help me brother.

I said to her - Why do you worry? The blessings of revered Sadgurudev are with us. Nothing can harm us.

For her protection I included her in the Sadhana and on the day of Poornnaahuti too I made her make oblations in the holy fire. On the day the Sadhana ended Nitesh came to my house and as soon he was there he fell down on the bed as if very tired.

His face had gone pale and it seemed that all blood had been drawn from his body. I asked Soumya not to talk to him and allowed him to rest peacefully. After two days he was looking perfectly healthy and normal. It seemed as if he had been freed from some burden and was now looking very light and fresh.

For a few days both of them stayed with me and then they returned to their home. Today they are living a very happy married life and they have a son. After that no problem has ever come in their life.

Later when I met Sadgurudev he told me that due to the effect of the Chhinmasta Sadhana the hypnotic powers of the woman had got neutralised and a protective shield was created which guarded the couple from such forces in the future too.

He said that only Chhinmasta Sadhana could have worked in that situation. The woman had misused her powers and it had become necessary to neutralise her powers.

I feel that it is my duty to reveal here the Sadhana with the help of which I could save my sisterís married life. With the help of this Sadhana hypnotic powers that are being misused can be neutralised.

Chhinmasta Sadhana

This Sadhana must be accomplished at night and that too after 10 pm because midnight is the best time for this Sadhana.

It can be started on any of the first eight days of the dark fortnight of any month. After 10 pm have a bath and wear black clothes and sit on a black woollen mat.

Close the door of your worship room and make sure no one disturbs you. One should have a specially consecrated Chhinmasta Yantra and a picture of Goddess Mahavidya Chhinmasta. The Mantra chanting should only be accomplished with a Black Hakeek Rosary.

Apratishtthit Maalaabhirmantram Japati Yo Narah. Sarva Cha Vifalam Vidyaat Kruddhaa Bhavati Devataa.

i.e. if a person uses an unconsecrated rosary for Mantra chanting he does not get the desired results and the deities are not pleased with him.

The rosary used in Chhinmasta Sadhana should not be used in any other Sadhana.

The Mantra of Goddess Chhinmasta which contains the most powerful sixteen Beej Mantras is more dynamic than any other Mantra. In fact all divine powers are instilled in this amazing incantation.

Place the Yantra before yourself and offer on it vermilion, flowers, rice grains and lamp black (Kaajal). The sweets offered should be eaten by the Sadhak himself after Sadhana. Light a ghee lamp and incense.

Then according to the procedure given here do the Sadhana. During the whole course of Sadhana the Yantra and picture should not be displaced.


Chant thus praying to the Rishi of this Mantra.

Om Asya Shirashchhannaa Mantrasya Bheirav Rishih Samraat Chhandah Chhinmastaa Devataa hreem Hreem Beejam Swaahaa Shaktih Abheesht Siddhaye Jape Viniyogah.


(assimilating the divine powers of the Rishi who created these Mantras in different parts of the body)

Chanting thus touch the body part indicated.

Om Bheirav Rishaye Namah Shirase


Samraat Chhandase Namah Mukhe


Chhinmastaa Devataayei Namah Hridye


Hreem Hreem Beejaay Namah Guhaye

(sex organs).

Swaahaa Shaktaye Namah Paadayoh.


Viniyogaay Namah Sarvaange

(all parts).

Kar Nyaas

(energising fingers through Mantras)

Chant each time joining the fingers indicated.

Om Aam Khadagaay Swaahaa Angushtthayoh

(both thumbs).

Om Eem Sukhadagaay Swaahaaa Tarjanyoh


Om Um Vajraay Swaahaa Madhyamaayoh

(middle fingers).

Om Ayeim Paashaay Swaahaa Anaamikaayoh

(ring fingers).

Om Om Ankushaay Swaahaa Kanishtthikaayoh

(small fingers).

Om Ah Suraksh Raksh Hreem Hreem Swaahaa Kartal Kar Prishtthe

(backside of both palms).


For energising the body parts chant thus.

Om Aam Khadagaay Hridyaay Namah Swaahaa


Om Eem Sukhadagaay Vajraay Shikhaayei Vashat Swaahaa

(crown of head).

Om Ayeim Paashaay Kavachaay Hoom Swaahaa


Om Om Ankushaay Netra Trayaay Voushat Swaahaa


Om Ah Suraksh Raksh Hreem Hreem Astraay Phat Swaahaa

(move your right hand around the head snapping the fingers).

Then join both palms and pray to the Goddess chanting thus.

Bhaasvanmand La Madhyagaanchit, Shirashchhinnam Vikeernnaalakam. Sfaaraasyam Pratigalatsva-roodhiram vaamam Kare Vibhrateem. Yaabhaasakt Rati Smaropari Gataamsakhyo Nije Daakini. Varnninayo Pari Drishya Mod Kalitaam Shree Chhinmastaam Bhaje.

Then chant 11 rounds of the following powerful Mantra of Goddess Chhinmasta which has 16 alphabets each very divine.

Shreem Hreem Kleem Ayeim Vajra Veirochaneeye Hoom Hoom Phat Swaahaa.

Do this regularly for seven days. Do Sadhana daily at the same time. Success in Sadhanas is attained faster through the grace of Sadgurudev. Hence worship the Guru and chant one round of Guru Mantra before starting the Sadhana every day.

If you cannot complete 11 rounds in one sitting then first chant five rounds and then take a rest of some minutes. Then resume the Sadhana and complete the chanting. One should try the Sadhana with full patience, concentration and devotion.

After Sadhana is over on the seventh day make oblations of black pepper seeds in the holy fire 108 times chanting the above Mantra.

Sadhana articles for this Sadhana shall be sent free of cost to those who make two annual subscription members for the magazine from among their friends and help expand the Siddhashram Sadhak Parivar.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan March 2001 '72'

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