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Dharmaraaj Siddhi Sadhana
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Dharmaraaj Yamaraaj Namo Namah

The Lord of death, Yamaraj, is also called Dharmaraaj or the Lord of justice. It is Yamaraj who decides the amount of pain, suffering, fear and sorrow that one would suffer in life. In the face of these negative influences no human being can make progress in life.

Mental disturbances lead to loss of vital life energy. To balance this situation one not only needs to pray to all deities, rather one also needs to worship Yamaraj.

The cause of mental and physical affliction in a person's life are his past life Karmas and the Karmas of the present life.

One can surely control and change the present Karmas or worldly actions but how can one neutralise the adverse effect of the Karmas of the past life due to which one might be suffering from obstacles, pain and misfortune in the present life?

The famous ancient text Mantra Mahodadhi states -

Paathah Sanyut-megh-sannibhatanuh Pradyotanasyaatmajo,
Nrinnaam Punnyakritaam Shubhaavahapuh Paapeeyasaam Dukhkrit.
Shree Madaksheenn-dikpatir-mahish-gobhushaam-bharaalang Krito,
Dhyey Sanyamaneepatih Pitrigan-swaami Yamo Dand Bhrit.

i.e. I pray to Lord Yamaraj who has a complexion like a dark rain-laden cloud, who is the son of Sun, who blesses good action with boons, who punishes bad action, who travels on a he-buffalo, who wears so many ornaments, who is the ruler of spirits and hell and who wields a mace.

It is clear from this verse that Yamaraj is the son of Sun. Hence by worshipping Yamaraj one also gets the blessings of Sun. Sun represents one's personality and all other planets revolve around him. The above verse is actually the Dhyan Mantra of Lord Yamaraj.

Dharmraj Sadhana

As explained earlier the basic cause of all problems in human life are past Karmas and it is Lord Dharmaraj or Yamaraj who decides how to punish a person for his bad actions. Thus through the Sadhana of Dharmaraaj one gains totality - physically, in one's mind and at work. Through this Sadhana one is able to control all diseases.

All one's actions effect not only the individual but also his family. Hence Dharmaraaj Sadhana is very essential for the protection of all family members. It is stated in the Rahasya Tantram text -

Mrityunjayen Putitam Dharmraajasya Mantra Japet. Sarvopdrav Santyakto Labhate Vaanchhitam Phalam.

i.e. A person who chants the Dharmaraaj Mantra that has been prefixed and suffixed with the Mrityunjay Mantra is freed of all problems and all his wishes are fulfilled.

More painful than physical illness is mental trouble. Due to disturbance of mind a person becomes prey to worries and he cannot make any progress in his life.

The cause of mental disturbance are problems in family life, trouble from the state side, obstacles in tasks and physical illness. By making the mind pure and tension free the physique could also be made fit. And for this the best Sadhana is Dharmaraj Sadhana.

Due to this Sadhana one is not only able to find solutions to the problems of the present rather one is also able to prevent problems from occurring in the future.

The person who attains victory over fear is able to win the whole world. Through Dharmaraj Sadhana this very thing is possible provided one has faith, devotion and patience.

Special time and days are designated for all Sadhanas so that one could attain to success in the very first attempt by trying the Sadhana in auspicious moments. One can try any Sadhana any time in the whole year.

But if particular Sadhanas are started or accomplished in auspicious moments then the result gets magnified several folds.

As Lord Yamaraj is the son of Sun hence try this Sadhana on a Sunday.

The Sadhana Process

For this Sadhana one needs special Sadhana articles. These are 11 Gomti Chakras, 11 Hakeek stones and a seasonal fruit (water melon would be best). One also needs lamp black, incense, sweets, vermilion, red sandalwood paste and flowers.

At night have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Cover a wooden seat with a red cloth. On it with lamp black draw a triangle large enough so that a water melon or the chosen fruit can be placed in it. Arrange 9 Hakeek stones and 9 Gomti Chakras in a way so that each arm of the triangle has four Chakras and stones. Then at the base of the triangle place two stones and two Chakras. In the centre place the fruit.


Accomplish this Sadhana at night only. Light an oil lamp and incense. First of all worship the Guru and then having arranged the Sadhana articles as indicated before start the Sadhana.

First of all take water in the right palm and chant the following Mantra once.

Mam Sakalaapadaam Vinaashanaay
Sarvarogaannaam Prashamanaay Shree
Dharmaraaj Mantra-japham-karishye.

Let the water flow to the ground. Then chant the Dhyan Mantra given earlier 21 times. Each time place your hand on a different Gomti Chakra. Thus each Gomti Chakra has to be energised with the Dhyan Mantra.

Each time also wish for riddance from your problems. Speak out the problems one at a time clearly in your mind. Think of one problem only at a time as you chant 21 times. Thereafter with a black Hakeek rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Hreem Krom Aam Veivasvataay
Dharmaraajaay Bhaktaanugrah-krite Namah.

Do the Sadhana daily for seven days and surely you shall have the desired result.

On first day after the Sadhana cut the melon and offer it to the Lord. Then eat it seated at the same place.

After completion of Sadhana tie all articles in the cloth and leave it under a Peepul tree or drop in a river.

It is said in Uddees Tantra -

Mrityormaa Nityam Yah Karoti Dine

Dine Tasya Rogaah Prannayanti

Deerghaayushcha Prajaayate.

i.e. The person who chants Dharmaraaj Mantra daily is freed of all pains and afflictions and he attains to longevity. Dharmaraaj is the son of Sun and the brother of Venus.

Hence through the Sadhana of Dharmaraaj the boons of Venus Sadhana are also obtained. It is when all problems are neutralised that happiness in life is attained.

In the present age this Sadhana is very fruitful and divine and it surely produces the desired result. For success in life and in one's tasks one should surely try this Sadhana. If possible daily chant the Mantra before going to sleep each night.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan May 2001 '46'

Every issue of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" magazine contains detailed description of various Sadhanas and prices of specified Sadhana articles. International Prices of some Sadhana articles, books, CDs etc. are listed on our website. You may also contact Jodhpur Gurudham on email/telephone/letter/fax to get the prices.

All kinds of material problems can be solved by performing Sadhanas and taking Dikshas. You may perform Sadhanas yourself to ward off malefic effects of bad planets and to counter the black magic done against you. You should perform Sadhanas yourself after taking Diksha to attain material and spiritual upliftment. Sadhana is the only way to get Divine help to resolve tensions & problems of material life and attaining spiritual elevation.

The chances of success in Sadhanas are increased manifold by taking Diksha as during Diksha, Revered Gurudev transfers a part of His own spiritual penance power into the disciple to steer him towards success. Guru Diksha is the basic foundation for spiritual and material success.

You need to take Guru Diksha before performing any Sadhana or taking any other Diksha. Guru Diksha is the first step of spiritual initiation. When you apply for Guru Diksha, you get a Guru Pitambar(shawl to wear while performing Sadhana) and one year subscription of "Nikhil Mantra Vigyan" magazine free along with Guru Diksha.

You should also take specific Diksha for this Sadhana to achieve complete success in this Sadhana.

You may either get Diksha from Gurudev personally or the Diksha may be granted on a photograph. The photograph should be a recent one, and can be of any size. However the face should be clearly visible on the photograph.

The Diksha is granted free of cost by Revered Gurudev.However, a token amount is charged for each Diksha which goes towards charitable causes through Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali Foundation International Charitable Trust Society.

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