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Paarad Ganpati
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Maangalyamoortim Gann-naayakam Bhajet: I bow to Lord Ganpati who is the Lord of all deities.

Gannaanaam Buddheesham, Surgann-muneenaam Hitkaram, Maneeshaa Sammaanam, Dhanbalsuvidyaa-sukhkaram.

Vidhatte Kalyaannam, Haritjanvighnam Vijayadam, Ganneshamtam Vande, Gamayati Sadaa Yo Nijpadam.

I bow devotedly to Lord Ganpati who is Lord of all gods, the deity of wisdom, the protector of gods and Yogis, the most respected among the wise and the prosperous, the bestower of wealth, strength and knowledge, the banisher of all problems, who blesses one with victory and realisation of the Divine.

Paarad is a unique gift of Nature. When mercury which is impure is purified and consecrated by various processes it becomes solid and can be given a solid form. This is called Paarad.

The ancient text Ras Ratna Samuchchaya states -

Siddhrase Karishye Nirdraaridrayamagadam Jagat.

i.e. if mercury is consecrated and converted into Paarad then with its help all ailments and poverty of the world can be banished.

The text further states - No herb or mineral is capable of keeping the body always free of diseases. The reason is that all elements can become wet. Only mercury cannot. Through very special chemical processes mercury is made solid and then it becomes elixir. Through such consecrated mercury even the impossible can be achieved.

When an idol of Lord Ganpati is made from Paarad then it proves to be highly boon bestowing. Through the worship of this idol a person can gain intelligence, wisdom and all divine powers. Lord Ganpati is the god who is worshipped first in all auspicious occasions. He is the Lord of all divine powers and prosperity.

No religious or auspicious task in India can be started before offering of prayers to Ganpati. . Even when some other deity is being worshipped Lord Ganpati is offered prayers first, so that He could help the Sadhak to be successful in the Sadhana. No other god or goddess is given so much importance as Lord Ganpati. Among the pantheon of deities in India Lord Ganpati is most loved and worshipped.

Ganesh means the Lord of Ganns or all deities. The human body has five physical senses, five subtle senses and four senses of the subconsciousness. The basic force behind these senses is of fourteen deities whose Lord is Ganpati.

According to the text Gannapatyarth-vasheersh the reason why Lord Ganpati is worshipped first is that he signifies the essence of human life just as the divine syllable Om represents the Supreme. Just as every Mantra starts with Om similarly every ritual is started with the worship of Ganpati.

Lord Ganpati is very loving, beautiful and divine. He has one tusk and four hands. He holds a lasso, Veena ( Indian string instrument), a vessel containing grains in his three hands and the fourth is raised in blessing. He has a red complexion, a huge stomach. large fan like ears and red robes. Red sandal wood paste is smeared on his whole body. He is worshipped with red flowers. He without fail manifests himself to protect his devotees and to bless them. To fulfil the wishes of his devotees he appears from the world of the Divine on this earth.

Lord Ganpati is like the divine wish tree for his devotees i.e. he fulfils all their wishes.

The Sadhak who accomplishes his Sadhana gains wealth, comforts, divine powers. Lord Ganpati is an ocean of knowledge. He bestows intelligence on his Sadhaks. And besides he bestows spiritual fulfilment in life.

Twelve names of the Lord are very popular. If one chants these names daily then there occur no problems related to studies, marriage, home, travel and other aspects of life. He has infinite names but the twelve chief ones are - Sumukh, Ekadant, Kapil, Gajkarnnak, Lambodar, Vikat, Vighna-naashak, Vinaayak, Dhoomarketu, Gannaadhyaksh, Bhaalchandra and Gajaanan. Just chanting these divine names banishes all sorrows from one's life.

If a person just devotedly chants name of the Lord then Ganpati blesses the Sadhak, removes all problems from his life and bestows highest level of success on him. If the Sadhana of such a benevolent and loving deity is accomplished with full devotion then one cannot imagine the amount of success that one can have in life.

Laddoo is the favourite sweet of the Lord. His actions are amazing and divine. Through his Sadhana, worship and meditation the mind becomes sharp, all wishes are fulfilled and all problems and sorrows are removed from life.

Through the Sadhana that follows the wish of a Sadhak can surely be fulfilled. If you are facing losses in business, if you are facing poverty, if your business is on the verge of collapse, if you are plagued by ailments, if success keeps eluding you in exams, if you cannot concentrate in studies - in other words if you are facing loss or failure in any field then the following Sadhana can prove to be a panacea for your troubles. It is because of these capabilities that Lord Ganpati is called Vighnaharata i.e. destroyer of problems.

The Sadhanas of Lord Ganpati are very simple and easy. Any person man or woman, child or old can try this ritual. There are no complex procedures in his Sadhanas. All one needs is a pure mind and devotion.

Paarad can banish all diseases, remove poverty, bestow longevity and make one look young and strong for ever It can also help one gain divine powers.

Mercury has manifested from the body of Lord Shiva and hence it is the most significant element.

According to the text Rasendra Choodamanni just chanting Ras Ras makes a person free of all sins. Just a glimpse of Paarad makes a person pure and divine.

For a Sadhak who worships a Paarad Ganpati nothing is impossible and nothing is beyond reach.

For this Sadhana one needs a Paarad Ganpati, Shree Phal and coral rosary. This Sadhana can be tried on a Ganesh Chaturthi or a Wednesday. Early in the morning have a bath and worship the idol of the Lord. Try the Sadhana early in the morning between 6 and 8 am. One should sit facing East or North for this Sadhana.

Sadhana procedure

Early morning having had a bath make the place of Sadhana clean. Wear yellow clothes and sit on a yellow mat. Before yourself place a copper plate and in it draw a Swastik with turmeric paste. On it place a Paarad Ganpati. Offer to the Lord vermilion, rice grains and yellow flowers.

Take water in the right palm and speak out your wish for which you are accomplishing this Sadhana. Then let the water flow to the ground. Then join both palms and worship to the Lord chanting thus -

Veennaannaam Pataamarim Cha Varadam Vidhatte Karer, Vaame Taamrasam Cha Ratnakalasham Sanmanjaree Chaabhayam. Shundaadand Lasanmrigendravanah Shankhendugourah Shubhoh Deevya-dratna-nibhaanshuko Gannpatih Paayaadpaayaat Sa Nah.

i.e. May Lord Ganpati who holds a Veena, Paash, Kalpalata in the right hands and a lotus, jewels and grains in the left, who has the courage of a lion, who has a complexion fair as the moon and a conch shell, who wears rich clothes and ornaments remove all obstacles from my life and protect me.

After this put a mark of vermilion on the Shree Phal and offer it to the Lord. Then with a coral rosary chant three rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Gam Gannpataye Gam Namah

After Sadhana keep the Paarad Ganpati in the place of worship at home. Drop the rosary and Shree Phal in a river or pond. Thus this one day Sadhana is accomplished and through it a Sadhak's wishes are surely fulfilled.

'Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan July 2001 '69'

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